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Bone Loss in Female Athletes

Amenorrhea (no menstrual period for three consecutive cycles) in an athletic woman with low body fat ratio such as a dancer, runner or professional body builder is associated with low Estrogen. Estrogen is crucial for bone health. Please speak to your doctor regarding treatment options that can prevent bone loss.

frequently starting low dose oral contraceptive can provide sufficient estrogen to maintain healthy bone mass and restore regular menstrual cycle.



I found this really touching


I wanted to share this moving article by a breast cancer survivor and her refreshing view on aging. Please read it, it puts aging in a whole new perspective

Huffington Post

Also since we are on the topic of breast cancer, I wanted to encourage your to perform regular, monthly breast exams becauseĀ 1 in 8 women will get it in her lifetime, know your body and protect yourself! This is a link to a video on yourtube that demonstrates exactly what to do